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qr codes iphone

For some people, QR codes are not new to them while for others these codes seem hard to understand. For those who are not familiar with QR codes, these are simply 2d or 3d types of barcodes used to store and transmit information mostly about a business or brand. A QR codes is an upgraded version of barcode and therefore works with the same concept as a bar code.

QR codes originate from Japan and have been around for close to two decades. However, it is not until recently that these codes started to be used in other parts of the world. This is thanks to the advancement in technology which has made it easy and affordable to create and use QR codes. In Japan, QR codes were mostly used to track inventory in car manufacturing companies. Today, QR codes are mostly used for marketing, tracking inventory, for fun and for gaming too.

QR codes iPhone – How QR codes work

For one to be able to use QR codes, one needs to create them. These codes can be created using online QR code generators. These generators are easy to use and therefore, one does not need any special coding skills to create QR codes. Simply go to the generators website, enter the information you want to place in the QR code in the text box provided and click on create QR code. The QR code will be generated in just a few seconds and will be displayed. You need to test the code before you avail it to your clients. This will ensure that you clarify that the code works as it should.

Once the code is created, your clients need to have a QR code reader in their smartphones to be able to read the code. The iPhone is one of the many smartphones in the market today. There are numerous scanners for iPhones to choose from.

QR codes iPhone – Types of QR code scanners for iPhones

Scan – this is a QR code and barcode reader. It has the capacity to scan code fast and accurately. The information on the code is automatically displayed on the screen of the smartphone after the scan is complete.

RedLaser – this is also an efficient QR code scanner for iPhones. This is rated amongst the top ten leading scanners for iPhones.

Quick scan – this is a powerful QR code scanner that has the ability to scan all types of QR codes.

These are just a few of the available QR code scanners for iPhones. Once your clients have the best scanners, your clients will be able to scan your QR code fast and effectively.

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