Using QR Codes in the Classroom

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Visual QR Code

Using QR Codes in the classroom – a teacher’s tool

Teachers were among the first professionals to grasp the unlimited potential that QR Codes have and they were quick to seize the opportunity to provide their students with a technology that is easy to use and has a lot to offer. Children love using QR Codes because it gives them a chance to use their cell phones or iPads in class and teachers know that codes can provide a welcome, fun-filled break from the monotony of a class lecture.

Getting your students excited and involved

Here are some ideas from teachers all over who use QR Codes every day:

1)      Create an interactive library – Got a great collection of books for your kids to check out? Print out QR Codes leading to short descriptions of the book’s plot/info about the author/ links leading to online discussion groups about the book’s main themes. Want to get your kids more involved? Create a QR Code that will lead them to a shared document where they can share their opinions and review it when they’re done reading.

2)      How-to videos – All of us have probably used these at least once by now in our lives when looking for online help with our day-to-day problems. Why not make sure that your kids are checking out the right videos for solving the problems you’ve given them for homework? Send them home with a QR Code leading to a detailed online solution for their problems that they can use in case they get stuck. I’m sure their parents will be grateful to!

3)      Class blog – A lot of classrooms already have websites, so here’s an easy way to have your kids be able to access it at all times. Print out a load of QR Code stickers that they can stick on their text-book or pencil box that will lead to your blog/site when scanned. That way you can keep them updated at all times with schedule changes, recommendations and announcements.

4)      Treasure hunt – When all else fails, there’s nothing like a game for getting everybody excited and involved! Place QR Codes at each station that will lead to puzzles and mind-games that your students have to solve for hints and directions for the next station. Use Visualead’s generator to design cool Visual QR Codes that are fun to scan (

These are just the skim off the top of the many ideas that are out there so don’t hesitate to keep on searching if you haven’t found what you’re looking for. Got some more ideas? Don’t keep them to yourself! Comment below and share them with the masses 🙂

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