QR Codes in Real Estate

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One of the most popular uses for QR Codes today is in the area of real estate. Realtors have been quick to seize the competitive edge that QR Codes can give them. Because real estate is a business in which a lot depends on what the customer sees right there, when they’re standing in front of the house, realtors know that they need to give their clients a good reason to take the plunge. QR Codes in real estate have changed the rules of the game as they’re a great way to inspire your clients.

  • Let them peek into the house with a virtual look-about – Have your QR Code lead to a video showing off the inside of the house so your customer can get a first look into their dream house without having to step off the front lawn! This is a great advantage as customers appreciate the realtor who makes an effort to show them as much as possible.
  • Give your clients an easy way to contact you – You can use your QR Code have your customers call you when scanned, use it to lead to your vCard so that when your customers scan, your details are downloaded automatically into their phone, use it to send you an email with their details – there are a lot of different options. What do these options do? They allow your customer to contact you directly, when they’re standing in front of the house that they like, and not leave it until later, when the image is already fading from their minds.
  • Use a Visual QR Code to make an impression that will last – Real estate is a lot about looks and QR Codes are no different. Stand out from the crowd with an attractive, creative Visual QR Code of your logo or even of your face. Make sure to put in an easily accessible place for your customers to sign.
Visual QR Code

QR Codes in Real Estate

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