QR Codes in Color

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QR Codes in Color

About three quarter of the global population owns or has access to a Smartphone. This means that these people can decode a QR Code to get the information inside.This is possible because Smartphones can be used as devices for scanning QR Codes. However, your Smartphone alone is not good enough and it needs the help of a scanning app to decode the QR Code.

QR codes in color – QR Codes and adding some color to it

QR Codes are also called Quick response codes are they are used to store different types of information. There has been mixed reaction on whether QR Codes are an eyesore or a thing of beauty. These codes have been criticized for being plain black and white and thus unattractive.That is why some people think that these codes will not go viral as their appearance deters advertisers and marketers from using them.

Fortunately, Quick Response Codes are malleable and so, you can redesign them to extraordinary codes without risking their scanning ability. Truth is you do not have to work with codes that have a checker box appearance.

QR Codes in color- some ways of customizing your QR Codes

When you look at QR Code as a designer, it won’t take long before you realize just how much potential they have. So, here are some tricks that will help you create a thing of beauty out of boring black and white QR Codes:

  • Add color palettes:If you want to add some branding power with ease to a QR Code you simply give it some color. The good thing is that, color does not mean that your code cannot be scanned. The information inside will be retained and the only thing that will be changed in the outer appearance of the code.
  • Soften those hard edges: Standard QR Codes have edges that are sharp. This also contributes to them looking boring. Therefore, change those rough edges with softer ones for a more appealing look.
  • Give a 3D impact by incorporating dimensionality: This simply means that you obstruct the boxes using imagery like a logo.When you place an image in front of your code, the code is imbued with some depth.
  • Use error correction: You have a colorful QR Code that has softer edges and a 3D effect. The icing on the cake is the 30% error correction feature. That way, your code can still give out the information even if the image is obstructing parts of the code.
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