QR Codes Generators Online

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QR Codes Generators Online

Quick Response Codes, also known as QR Codes, are two-dimensional barcode types that transmit and store different information. The information can be text, videos, images, URL address, contact details, geo location etc. Due to the increase in usage of these two-dimensional barcodes, many smartphones are now being manufactured with an in-built QR code generator and scanner. Initially, a person had to download and install the QR code scanning application in-order to be able to decode a QR code.

Eight QR codes generators Online to consider

  1. Visualead: This is the most reliable and best QR codes generators online to use. With it, you can generate a QR code with ease; customize the code and all this in some seconds. The best part is that, QR codes generated by visualead can be read by different scanners.
  2. I-nigma: This QR code can create different types of codes and is efficient. You can also find it in other languages like French, Italian and Spanish.
  3. QR Stuff: This generator is also efficient and has features like batch printing and color labels.
  4. GoQR .me: This QR code generator online allows you to generate multiple colored QR codes as oppose to the monotonous black and white QR codes.
  5. Online barcode generator: This QR code generator has the ability to generate QR codes and barcodes. It also has error correction features and ESP download.
  6. Informatrix: This generator gives you the ability to customize your QR code so that you can include images and overlay text.
  7. BeQR ious: This generator can generate QR codes that got text information and graphics all in a single code. It also available for premium and free.
  8. Kaywa: This QR code generator is interactive and efficient. It also comes with features that enable you to customize your code and use the code on whatever platform.

How QR code scanners work

The above QR code readers may be different but their scanning is somewhat the same. You simply download and install the scanning app (i.e. if your smartphone does not have an in-built QR code scanner). Next, launch the application and point your camera’s lens on the QR code you want to scan. Depending of the QR code scanning app you are using, you will either have to press the ‘capture’ button to start scanning or the app will detect the code and automatically start scanning. Wait for a few minutes and you will be provided with the information embedded in the QR code.

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