QR Codes Generator – Making Your Own QR Codes

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QR Codes Generator

The future looks bright for quick response codes. More than twenty million people are using them globally and the number of users keeps growing.

QR Codes are unique barcodes that are made of black colored modules that have been arranged in squarer patterns and placed on a white background. QR codes are used to information for example text, URLs or contact details. A QR code can carry many different types of data; the information can be in numeric, alphabetic, binary or Japanese characters like Kana and Kanji.

Nowadays, you will come across QR codes in magazine pages, billboards, CD covers and even T-Shirts. Even though QR codes aren’t as normal as the traditional barcodes, their popularity is rising and at a very fast rate.

Internet QR Code Generator

QR Codes are versatile and can therefore be used even in business cards. Nowadays, there are many professionals who have QR codes included in their business cards and others have even gone to the extent of using these codes instead of the conventional business card. That way, if a person wants information (contact info or any other) they can simply scan the quick response code and have all the information they need and want.

Making your own QR code

If you want to have a virtual business card, you can easily create it at “OnlineQRcodeGenerator.com”. This is a website that is not only user-friendly, but also free.

Other than that, there are other QR code generators that enable you to easily make your own QR code generators. The best part about using these generators for QR creation is that some allow you to add color and imagery to the QR codes, and thus having the code completely represent your brand. You can choose one QR Code generator from the following:

  • Kaywa,
  • Microsoft Tag
  • GOQR.me.
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