QR Codes Free – Where Are QR Codes Placed?

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QR Codes Free

Many online marketers and advertisers see qr codes as being the future of online advertising and marketing. Quick response codes can store data worth 4000 characters making it a good information sharing tool. These 2 dimensional codes are also easy to create as you do not have to be a code whiz to create or make one. All you need is a smartphone and a good qr code generator.

Where you can find qr codes

One of the major benefits of using qr codes is that, your choice of placement is not limited to one or two places. You can store the codes anywhere and the only things you have to remember when choosing suitable location is, it should be located in a visible place and should be near your target market.

What to remember when you want to make qr codes free

  1. Have a mobile optimized qr code: one of the things that make the qr code a suitable option is the fact that they can be scanned using mobile phones. Therefore, make sure that the code you have made has been optimized for mobile view.
  2. Keep it simple: qr codes are used as replacement of links or information that would have been written down or memorized in their absence. Therefore, make sure that the codes are as simple as can be. People do not like reading cluttered sites.
  3.  Make it easily readable: Keep in mind that people are taking pictures of the codes. Therefore, try not to clutter the area surrounding the qr code. Having that area cluttered will see make it hard for the scanner to read the code.
  4. Let to be meaningful: QR codes are powerful marketing and advertising tools. Therefore, take advantage of this fact and make your qr codes as meaningful as possible.
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