QR codes free generators

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qr codes free generators

For the longest time now, QR codes have been in existence and use. This is especially evident in the world of marketing. QR codes are today used to carry information that can be of help to consumers.

For those who do not know it yet, QR codes or quick response codes are simply square matrices that work in the same way as ordinary barcodes; actually they are an upgraded version of barcodes. The difference between QR codes and barcodes is that quick response codes (QR codes) can carry much more information than barcodes can. Also, QR codes can carry information in text and numerical format while barcodes are mostly used for transmit numerical information.For this reason, QR codes are used more often than barcodes these days.

QR codes free generators – more on quick response codes

QR codes are an easy way of doing business mobile marketing. This is mainly because of the ability these codes have when it comes to scanning them; you can scan QR codes using smartphones.Initially, QR codes were used in Japanese car manufacturing companies as a way of tracking car spare parts. These QR codes were scanned using hand help barcode scanners. However, this has changed since the introduction on QR code readers for smartphones.

These days, businesses and brands are using QR codes as a marketing strategy. These codes allow brands and businesses to reach out to their client base on a mobile platform. In order to use quick response codes, one needs to create them.

Online QR code generators are used to create QR codes. In order to create a readable QR code, it is important for one to find the best QR codes free generators.

Factors to consider when choosing the best QR codes free generators

Ability to make QR codes in difference sizes

It is always ideal to go for a quick response code generator that allows you to create different sizes for your QR codes. With this type of free generator, you can customize the card‘s size to suit your needs and space available.

Ability to customize

A good quick response code generator should possess the ability to create QR codes that are customized for your marketing campaign. This type of generator should also create codes that are readable using different scanners for different smartphones.


You need a free generator that has the ability to generate codes in seconds. This is mostly ideal if you are interested in using different QR codes for your marketing campaign.

Find out more concerning the use of the best QR codes free generators.

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