QR codes free generator

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QR codes free generator

Quick response codes, better referred to as QR codes are two dimensional types of barcodes that have been is use for over a decade now. Although they share some similarities with barcodes, they have a big difference which is the fact that QR codes possess the ability to store much more info than what normal barcodes can. For the QR code to be able to carry your info, you need to create one and embedding any information that you wish your code to carry.

To reveal what a QR code contains, you need to scan it. Scanning a QR code has become easier with advanced technology. This is because it is now possible to scan QR code using your smartphone.

This means that you can use these codes to reach to as many people as you wish because there are literally millions of individuals using smartphones today. It is for this reason that QR codes have become quite popular. For your Smartphone to be able to scan these codes, it needs to have a scanner application. These applications can be downloaded from online app stores.

QR codes free generator – Creating QR codes

More than a decade ago, creating QR codes meant purchasing special software programs which were costly and this made it hard for most people to use these codes. With technological advancements, it is now possible to create these codes using free QR code generators online. These generators are simply online programs that have been designed to make it easy for people to create QR codes. There are many online QR code generators and this can make it hard to select. Most of them are available for free. To ensure you only use the best QR codes free generator to create your quick response codes, there are several aspects you need to look for in a generator.

What to look for in a QR codes free generator

If you want a good code generator, below are some of the features you need to look for in one:

The most ideal free QR code generator should be able to create standardized types of QR codes. This means the ability to create both big and small size codes.

Also, the QR code generator should have the ability to create more than one code at a go, especially when you want to use many different codes. Also go for a generator that can create codes that can be scanned using different scanners.

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