QR codes for YouTube

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qr codes for youtube

As the use of QR codes continues to grow, one of the greatest things about these codes is the flexibility they offer to users. Today, it is possible to use QR codes to send anyone who scans the code directly to a video that may be used for advertising or for social reasons. If you are one of the people willing to point the QR code to a video, YouTube is quite a popular platform to use. The reason YouTube is considered to be an ideal platform is because it offers a video display that is mobile friendly. This makes it easy for you to point your QR code to a YouTube video URL.

When it comes to using video QR codes to marketing your business, the idea goes beyond simply getting your target audience to view the video. The ultimate goal is to get anyone who views your page to take some sort of action. Some of the actions include:

  • Request for info with a lead capture form.
  • Buy something.
  • Sign up for email newsletters.
  • Click to call.
  • Send text or email message.

While YouTube is an amazing platform, it is quite hard to meet the above call of actions on this platform.

QR codes for YouTube – embedded videos on mobile landing pages

To be able to share videos more effectively through the use of QR codes, it is ideal for you to create a custom landing page. In this approach, you should embed your video on the landing page and offer added info or call of action. This is a good way of engaging your audience after they watch the video. There are several benefits you stand to gain when you use a landing page approach. They include:

  • You can customize with your brand.
  • You get to embed video from YouTube on your landing page.
  • You offer additional information, links and even photos.
  • You can engage with social media.
  • You can integrate lead captures tools with email, contact forms and sms that are actionable.

QR codes for YouTube -How to embed videos in QR codes

For you to be able to redirect users to your video, you need to embed the videos URL in the QR code. This can be done using a QR code generator such as visualead. Once the URL is embedded in the code, everyone who scans the QR code will be automatically redirected to your video.

When you decide to reach out to your target market using videos, ensure you think beyond the video and consider the actions you want the viewers to take.

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