QR Codes for Waze

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QR Codes for Waze

Waze is a navigation app that runs on Android and iOS and it currently has registered over 40 million users. One of the many reasons as to why many people are using this social network is to simply outsmart traffic.With Waze, you can share your location with ease. In general, this app is all about contributing on your roads for the common good.

This app connect drivers to other drivers thus helping to bring together a driving community that is able to work together in a way that will improve the daily driving quality of all people on the road.This might even mean helping other drivers avoid frustrations that come with long traffic jam, shaving off some time off their normal commute and even giving them clues on police traps.

How Waze works and features it has

Open the app and type in your destination address. Start driving and do not close the appso that it is able to passively contribute to road data such as traffic and others. This app also has an active role as it shares reports on various accidents and other hazards like police traps. Additionally, Waze has online ma editors who always make sure that an area’s data is always updated.

Here are some features that Waze has:

  • It allows you to locate the cheapest gas station around you.
  • It allows you to see your Facebook friends who are also driving to the same destination as you are.
  • It has automatic –re-routing in situations where conditions on a road you are on change.
  • It learns your preferred routes, commuting hours and frequent destinations.
  • It has voice-guided navigation.
  • Road alerts from the Waze community in your area on road closures, hazards, accidents etc.
  • This app can also notify a person using live ETA and link that shows where you are and letting them know you are on your way.
  • The more you contribute by giving road info the more points you earn and eventually moving up in ranking.It also has live maps that are always updated.

QR Codes for Waze-How Waze works

Search: This opens the app and allows you to search for the places you want to search.The places to search are mostly the ones you frequent i.e. roads.

Longitude and Latitude: This is the feature that marks the routes you will take from your current one to the location you want to go to.

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