QR Codes for Skype

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QR Codes for Skype

Over the last couple of years, Quick Response Codes seem to have popped up all over the place. You probably came across them when watching an ad on TV, in a magazine page, on billboards, on leaflets or some other ad space.

QR Codes are somewhat similar to traditional barcodes you see in shops. Thanks to the creation of smartphones, you can now download QR Code scanning apps to your phone and therefore be able to decode any two-dimensional type of barcode. The key difference between QR Codes and conventional barcodes is their ability to carry a certain amount of data.QR Codes are 2D matrix codes while barcodes are linear 1D Code. QR Codes have enough space to hold alphanumerical characters in their thousands and it is this ability coupled with user-friendliness and low cost that makes QR Codes very practical especially for small businesses.

How QR Codes make it easy for you to communicate

Quick Response Codes have far-reaching capabilities. They are mostly used to link to particular website pages or social media feeds. However, these two dimensional codes have more uses and some have not yet been explored widely as they should. They include:

Make Skype Calls: Create a QR Code that will automatically give you a Skype call the moment it is scanned. This code will link to your username or that of your business. However, this can only work in Android and iPhone devices that have a Skype application installed. This is a very innovative method of communication.

You can also create a QR Code that will send and automated text or email to the person scanning the code. You simply enter a phone number or email address you want to send the message to and the message. This type of QR Code can be used in competition entries.

How to create QR Codes for Skype with Visualead

Visualead is a leading online QR Code generator that is dedicated to creating visual QR Codes. This online generator is user-friendly and has a feature that allows you to create QR Code for Skype. Here is how to go about it:

  • Go online to www.visualead.com
  • When there, you will see the words “Create Yours” in bold. Click on it
  • You will b redirected to a web page that has an amazing 20 different options for the types of QR Codes you would like to create.
  • Scroll down to the last QR Code type and you will be able to see the option for creating QR Codes for Skype. Click on it
  • Provide your Skype Username then click on Next (it is in bold on your top right hand side).
  • Upload an image you want to use as for your Skype QR Code profile or simply use one of the many provided by visualead.  Crop the code, press on “Create Code” and you will have your QR Code.

Get to learn more about using QR codes for Skype.

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