QR Codes for LinkedIn

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QR Codes for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online directory for professional companies and individuals. Currently, it has over eighty five million users from all over the globe. Most, if not all, individuals use LinkedIn to connect, network and search for jobs. There are some companies that use LinkedIn to recruit and give more information about their company to all prospective employees.

All LinkedIn members can look for work, research companies; join groups and network with other members who are in their network.As time goes by, the tougher it gets to create a resume that stands out on a hiring manager or recruiter’s desk. Reason being, most resumes have similar formats and virtually made using Microsoft Word and its default font. As such, creating a resume that will stand out ends up requiring creativity.

Since most job searches are marketing exercises, why not use QR Codes in your resume?

What is a QR Code and how can you market yourself with it?

A QR Codes is a two-dimensional type of barcode that can store massive amounts of information. These codes can be scanned and decoded by a Smartphone and a QR Code reading app.Although the use of QR Codes is just catching on, not many people know how to decode them nor the devices needed to do so. However, there are job seekers, example, those in the marketing or technology field, who could benefit from incorporating these 2D codes in their resumes.

Creative ways you could use QR Codes to market yourself

  • LinkedIn Page: Create a QR Code that will direct a scanner to your personal LinkedIn profile page. The page will have more details and give more depth on you. Try much as you can to create a robust LinkedIn page complete with recommendations, social media feeds and blog links.
  • YouTube Video: You can also link a YouTube video you have created to give a description of your professional qualifications and post the link to your LinkedIn page.
  • Blog Page: Do you have a professional blog post? If so, do not forget to post a link to the blog on your LinkedIn page. That way, your potential employer will be able to get access to it after scanning the QR Code you included in your linkedIn profile.
  • Portfolio page: You can create a QR Code that showcases your work and it should direct the reader to some of your best works. This is a great way to get a job contract you want.
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