QR codes for Facebook

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qr codes for facebook

The world of business marketing is quite broad. These days, the use of social media to market brands is quite common since most of the clients can easily be reached through social media platforms. As you make use of social media to market your brands or business, it can work even better when you combine with your campaign the use of marketing technology like QR codes.QR codes or quick response codes can be used for a tone of things. Mostly through, these codes are used for marketing or advertising brands and businesses.It is possible to use QR codes together with social media platforms, especially Facebook. For this to work, you simply have to encode the URL redirecting to your Facebook page in the QR code. Once the code is scanned, the user is redirected to your Facebook page where they are prompted to either like the page or share it with their Facebook friends.

QR codes for Facebook – How to set up a viral Facebook QR code campaign

Generate your QR code

When generating your QR code for Facebook, you need to ensure that you place your Facebook page URL in the code. Ensure that the code is saved in a user friendly format to ensure that everyone scanning the code can gain direct access to your Facebook page.

Customize your Facebook post

You need to ensure that your Facebook page is customized to be used with mobile devices. The four key areas you need to customize include:

The image – should be large enough to be scanned.

Title – should grab the attention of the audience.

Source – the QR code should be managed on a URL platform that offers context for the campaign.

Description – provide worthwhile information about your brand to your target market.

Take your campaign live

Once you have your QR code and a customized Facebook platform, the two are already integrated. All you have to do now is take your campaign live. Before doing so, use different QR code scanners to test whether the code is scannable.

How QR codes for Facebook work

Here is how your Facebook QR code campaign should flow:

  • Users notice a QR code advertisement for your company.
  • They scan the QR code and receive two links. One is for your business website and the other for sharing on Facebook.
  • When they click on the second link, the share Facebook prompt automatically opens.
  • The use can personalize the message before sharing it with their Facebook family.
  • As a result, the QR code is shared on Facebook feeds and wall.
  • Other friends can scan the code and again share with their friends.
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