QR codes for business card

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QR codes for business card

The use of QR codes has been seen to be on a steady raise ever since they were invented. This is for the simple reason that people have found more than one way that the can use the codes.

QR stands for quick response. These codes were invented in Japan and were solely being used in the car parts manufacturing industry. Back then, people were using bar code scanners to scan QR codes. This has, however, changed as today people are using their smartphones to scan the QR codes. QR codes are quick and easy to scan, thus the name quick response. QR codes are a type of bar code that can store different types of alphanumeric data. They are mostly used by business people for marketing. QR codes are easy and quick to scan, making them very convenient for customers.

Creating QR codes for business card

There are various free online QR code generators that can help you create a business card QR code. Simply choose a QR code generator that is fast and feature rich. The QR code generator should also suit the QR code type that you intend to create. From the business card templates available, choose one and enter all the relevant data, for example your email address and contact details. Click on the “create QR code” button and you will have successfully created your business card QR code.

More about QR codes for business card

It is advisable that you scan the QR code that you have just created before you can download and print it. This is just to be sure that the QR code that you are about to release to the public is functioning as it should. You can scan a QR code before you download and print it since once you click on the generate QR code button, a preview of the QR code that you have just created will be displayed. You can then use your smartphone to take a picture of the QR code that has been displayed on your screen and scan it using QR code scanners that are available for download on your phone’s app store. Most of the smartphones that are being manufactured today come pre-installed with a QR code generator. You, therefore, do not have to download another QR code scanning application.

Using QR codes on your business cards enables your clients to store your contact details in their phones by scanning the code.

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