QR codes advertising

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qr codes advertising

QR codes or quick response codes are a great way of advertising and marketing your business. These codes look like matrix boxes. They carry information regarding a brand or business. Under rare circumstances, QR codes are also used for personal reasons. QR codes or quick response codes have been in use for more than 2 decades now. These codes were first invented and used in a Japanese car manufacturing company to track inventory. It took these codes years before they could be seen to be of other value other than what they were being used for. Today, these codes are being used in almost every part of the world. This is because they have become an easy way of doing mobile advertising and marketing. Quick response codes can be scanned using smartphones. For this reason, using them for marketing and advertising is seen as an easy way of reaching out to clients through their mobile phones.

QR code advertising – using QR codes for advertising and marketing

When it comes to using QR codes for marketing, you have probably noticed their wide usage on posters, fliers, business cards and even on tickets and price tags. In order for your QR codes advertising campaign to flourish, you need to make it engaging and enticing to your target market. You need to make people want to scan the QR code using their smartphone to see what you have to offer.This can come in the form of an incentive to make your potential clients want to scan the code. You can promise your clients great discounts or deals on items for clicking the code. Or maybe, your quick response codes can carry coupon codes that are only redeemable after scanning.

QR codes advertising – placement of your advertising QR code

When it comes to using QR codes for advertising, one common mistake is placing the ad codes in a place where they don’t serve much purpose. Placement of your ad QR codes will determine whether they bring back returns. Ensure you place your QR codes somewhere visible and usable. The best places are where people spend the most time.

You need to find out where most of your clients spend their time and ensure you have your QR codes in these places. This increases the chances of having your QR code scanned by potential clients and this increases the chance of driving more traffic to your business.

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