QR code with image

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QR code with image

Quick response codes can be defined as square matrixes with a lot of space. This is because these codes are used to store a lot of information regardless of their small sizes. Initially, QR codes were used for tracking car parts in car manufacturing companies in Japan. However, times have changed and this has seen the use of QR codes in advertising and marketing. In the present day, these QR codes are used in many ways. A good example is that of using these codes for marketing websites. This is mainly done by using these codes to directly link users to websites without them having to type in your website’s address. This is a great way of ensuring that your clients do not visit malicious websites that may be used for phishing. This protects your website’s identity and that of your client.

A black and white pattern is the image is what comes into most peoples’ minds the moment they think of QR codes. That is true because most QR codes are made in black and white. Even so, you can create and design your own customized QR codes that do not have to be black and white. This is all thanks to an excellent QR code generator that lets you create colorful QR code images.

QR code with image-how to incorporate an image in a QR code

Creating an image in a QR code is a quick four step process. Below is a guide on how to go about embedding an image in a code:

  • First and foremost, you have to choose the type of code that you wish to use. This allows you to see a wide range of options that you can use.
  • Once you have entered your content, set the color or effect you prefer to use for your QR code. When setting options, note you can also use an image to display your code. You can always upload an image or select one fro your gallery.
  • Here, you set the resolution size that you wish your QR code to have. If you want to see your image clearly, it is advisable that you choose high resolution size QR code.
  • Lastly, print or download your just created QR code with image. If you chose to download your QR code there are two formats that you could use. These formats are namely, PNG and SVG. They are the only formats that support logos and images in QR codes.
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