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qr code Wikipedia

A QR code is a square box or two dimensional barcode that has features enabling it to store, or rather carry, encoded data. QR codes were first used in Japan after their discovery by a man named Denso Wave. This man was an employee of the Toyota Group. Although they were mainly for tracking vehicle parts, today, these codes are used on posters, restaurant menus, clothing and so on for marketing purposes. This is because they make it easier for marketers to connect with consumers. Generally, QR codes have gained so much popularity. This is as a direct result of the increased use of smartphones. The best part is that the use of this marketing technology is free of charge. You do not need to pay a dime to generate as well as use a QR codes to market your business. All you need is good QR code generator.

QR code Wikipedia- customizations of QR codes

QR codes are quite flexible and customizable. This means you can customize your QR code and turn it into whatever you wish. Customizations make it possible to incorporate visual identities and brands in your QR codes. Even so, customization should follow laid down rules. Failure to do so might render your code illegible. This simply means you won’t be able to scan it. Nonetheless, customizing a QR does not kill its effectiveness. Your already customized QR code still remains effective. This means you can still see its content after scanning since it maintains its scanability.

Scanning QR codes

Unlike in the olden days where you needed a big scanner to read your QR, today you only need your phone. In order to scan or read a QR code using your mobile phone, you must have a QR reader app installed. The mobile phone’s camera becomes the reader or scanner. This allows you an immediate access to the content in the QR code. Better yet, the reader also opens browsers if you use it for scanning a code with a URL. This effectively means that you do not have to retype a website address in order to log in. This leads you to a specific URL. Other actions that might be triggered by using your smart phone as your scanner includes storing contact details from a business card in your mobile devices in such a way that you can always retrieve it  if need be.

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