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The sun’s setting in front of my eyes and the first day of the Jewish New Year is almost over. Resolutions, ruminations and revelations – that’s what New Year’s Day is all about and I can’t help but speculate on the journey that QR Codes have made in the past year. As mobile usage and smartphone penetration continue to grow, predictions keep soaring in regards to the importance that mobile commerce and advertising will have in the upcoming year.

The QR Code Trend

Around 50% of smartphone owners in western countries have used them to scan QR Codes and nobody doubts that this percentage is even higher in Asia, where the QR Code was born and where people have one of the highest percentages of mobile penetration rates and are as addicted to social networks as their western counterparts. It seems that more and more consumers are becoming aware of the online options available to them for receiving discounts and coupons, information and for comparing the prices that different brands set for the same products. QR Codes are a powerful tool for engaging customers with brands and awareness of their presence and purpose has never been higher.

Retailers and marketers are quick on the uptake and it seems that 52%, a leap from last year’s 31%, have decided to focus on using marketing strategies which target mobile users (Chief Marketer’s Annual Mobile Marketing Survey). 34% of digital marketers report that QR Codes are very effective and it seems that they are second only to mobile apps in popularity for use in an online-targeted campaign (Adobe, Econsultancy).

So it seems like the new year that’s just around the corner is just bursting with QR Code potential for businesses and consumers alike. Join in on the celebration and get your New Year resolution going – create a lovely, effective Visual QR Code today!

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