Qr Code Tracking – Tracking Your QR Codes

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Qr code tracking

Qr codes or simply quick response codes are 2D codes that can be used in any business marketing campaign. These codes can be created in such a way that it redirects users to a website, video or information link; it all depends on how the brand wished to use the code. It is also possible to design the qr code in such a way that it is able to send texts or make calls. When it comes to redirecting users to website, it is possible to track your qr code campaign to be able to know the traffic it generates. You can use analytics to track these codes. When you track your campaign, you are able to know which codes work and which code strategies to use in your future campaigns.

QR code tracking with Google analytics

To be able to track your codes using Google analytics:

  • sign up

You can sign up to a Google analytic account by linking this account with your Google account. If you do not have an existing account, you are required to create one to be able to create a Google analytic account.

  • go to url builder on Google analytic

This is the tool that enables you to track your qr code. This tools tracks referrals as well as any other info related to your qr code scans.

  • Enter details

You need to enter all the info you are asked for to be able to create the tracking URL. The information you are asked for includes your website’s URL as well as information pertaining to the code campaign.

  • track your qr code

Click on the generate URL after entering all the info. This will give you the tracking info you need to track your qr code.

  • login

Once the tracking URL is created, you can log into your Google analytic account whenever you want.

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