QR code technology

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QR code technology

You are probably new to QR codes and have only heard that name a few times. As the name suggests, QR codes are quick responses or 2 dimensional matrixes that stores a lot of information. Even so, to some people, QR codes are similar to v barcodes. Although that is true to some extent, there are some differences in terms of accessibility, amount of information stored in each as well as scanning and creation methods. For instance, QR codes can store massive information such as information about a company’s location, directions, products manufactured by a company and so on. Normally, this would be too much to be stored in a barcode. Something else about QR codes is that they can be scanned using a Smartphone’scamera. This means thatif you have a Smartphone, all you have to do is install QR code scanner application and access the information embedded in any QR code.

QR code technology-reasons for using this technology

There are countless reasons as to why a business should have QR codes. Below are some of the reasons.

  • First and foremost, the code is free to download and install. Even so, it is important to note there are some that have paid-for versions.
  • QR codes are easy to use. This means you don’t have to have any coding skill in order to create your own QR code.
  • Finally, you can also manage and track the performance of the code for free. This helps a lot in improving your business

How QR code technology work

How QR codes work is easy. All you need to have is a Smartphone and you are good to go.

Here is how:

  • To begin the scanning process, open the QR code application first.
  • Hold your phones camera against the QR code like you would when taking a photo then follow the prompts given.
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