QR code samples

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QR code samples

What do you consider QR codes to be? To those already using these codes, it is a thing of beauty while to others it is an eyesore. How you ask? QR codes are the magical matrixes or 2 Dimensional barcodes that can be scanned using Smartphone’s. QR codes are also valued due to their ability to store massive information. Despite that, QR codes are often criticized for their black and white nature. In fact some people think they are a boring thing. Even with the disapproval, it is obvious to say that QR codes are slowly gaining popularity. These codes might even become the most preferred method of marketing and advertising. This is because they have proven to close the gap between online and offline marketers. Even so, in order for these codes to go main stream, these codes will have to undergosome transformation. This means getting something more interesting as compared to using the common black and white code in an effort to make them more enticing to Smartphone users.

Factors to consider when creating unique QR codes samples

Softening the hard edges

Softening the hard QR code edges makes them more attractive and friendly.

Adding color palettes

This is one of the easiest ways of decorating a QR code. This is because it makes codes more unique and different from the normal black and white. You could also use multiple colors on your codes without tampering with scanability.

Using images

The most common image to use on a QR code is a company logo. This can be included at the center. This forges trust amongst clients.

QR codes samples – Examples of areas where QR codes can be used

  • On a scarf source.
  • On a soda bottle source.
  • On a T-shirt source.
  • On a blanket source.
  • On a human advertisement source.
  • On a temporary tattoo source.
  • On a permanent tattoo source and so on.
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