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qr code online

If you have lived in the US for a long time, you may have noticed the presence of unusual looking square matrix codes on different marketing material. These square shaped matrixes are known as QR codes. These are simply 2d codes that work the same way barcodes work. The main difference between quick response codes or QR codes and barcodes is that QR codes can carry more information in text and numerical form than barcodes. These QR codes are created from online software sites known as QR code generators.

QR code online – how QR codes work

QR codes simply work with the same concept as barcodes. They are created to carry information concerning a business or brand. Once these QR codes are scanned using a bar code scanner, the information in the code is revealed. QR codes are created using QR code generators which are available online for free. Once the QR code is created, it can be used immediately. A QR code is scanned using the camera of a smartphone. The scanner translates the info in the code and makes it readable. The information in the QR code is automatically saved in the user’s phone as soon as it is decodes. This is why QR codes are considered to be ideal for business contacts and website urls.

QR code online – using QR codes for marketing

There are several practical ways you can make use of QR codes for your marketing campaigns. QR codes are an easy way of communicating with your clients through mobile technology. This ensures that you are able to reach them in real time or vice versa. QR codes can be customized to suit your marketing preferences. This makes them ideal for doing business marketing on electronic media and on print media.

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