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QR Code Online Reader

At first glance, QR Codes might come across as boring black and white codes. However, the concept behind their modern use is quite intriguing.While 1 Dimension codes have been around of the longest time, 2D codes seem to be gaining popularity by the minute mostly because of their ability to store massive amounts of information.However, this is just one of the many things that have contributed to the growth in popularity of these codes.

Quick Response (QR) Codes are two-dimensional codes that are made up of black squares and have a white background. If you have not familiarized yourself with QR Codes, they somewhat resemble the barcodes that are mostly used to store a product’s price at the PoS (point of sale).

QR code online reader – information on QR codes

  • Generators: This refers to the software used to create a QR Code. When looking for choices, an internet search will present you with more than enough generators. An example of a QR Code generator is Visualead. The codes you create could link to a website, SMS, text, phone numbers, product information etc.
  • QR Code Online Reader: This refers to the software that is used to scan and decode a QR Code to get access to the information embedded in that code. Although QR Code readers are normally downloaded from the internet and installed in smartphones, this does not mean that only those who own smartphones can scan these codes. You can scan a QR Code using a QR Code online reader.

How to scan using a QR Code online reader

You have probably learned about QR Codes and are now excited about using them. Scanning a QR Code is pretty easy whether you are doing it using your phone or PC.

There are some scanners that barely have a guide on using the reader, so here is how to go about it:

  • • If you are doing it with your phone, make sure that it has a reading app installed.Simply get one from your phone’s application store.
  • Open a QR code online reader application and place the camera against the QR Code as you would when taking a photo. Try your best to keep a steady hand.
  • You will hear a beeping sound or vibration when the scanning begins and/or when it ends.

Just like that, you will be able to view the information embedded in the QR Code or be redirected to a website. If you are using a PC to scan the code, chances are there will be instructions on how to go about it on the QR Code online reader site.

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