Qr Code Marketing – Marketing Using Quick QR Codes

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Qr code marketing

As the debate as to whether qr codes are a passing cloud or they are here to stay rages on, the use of qr codes is on the rise. Today, it is near impossible to visit a business premise that does not make use of qr codes in their marketing campaign. Initially, qr codes were used in japan for the primary purpose of tracking car spares in factories. However, all this has changed as more businesses come into terms with the effectiveness of these codes when it comes to improving client-business relations qr codes offers an easy method of adding web pages and business contacts to business marketing tools. This makes qr codes most ideal for integrated marketing campaigns. This offers a digital platform where clients can engage with the brand directly through websites or contacts through mobile phones.

qr code marketing – how qr codes work

Qr codes can be simply scanned using smartphones. Qr codes can be looked at as paper based hyperlink carriers that connect the physical and online worlds. For business marketers, qr codes make advertisement easier. These codes can be placed on billboards, advertisement magazines, brochures and even on clothing tags. Once scanned, these codes can direct users to landing pages that carry more info on a brand. The integration of the web and print media is one of the things that make qr code marketing a favorite to many businesses.

Qr code marketing – using qr codes for marketing brands

There are several practical ways brands can use qr codes for marketing.  The good thing about qr codes is the fact that they can be integrated in numerous types of print material.

Some of the places you can use qr codes for marketing include:

  • Business cards
  • Mailers and postcards
  • Flyers, brochures and posters
  • Event and conference displays
  • Print media

Once the qr code is scanned, the encoded info can be made use accordingly.

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