Qr-code maken- Making qr codes for your business

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Qr-code maken

Qr codes or quick response codes are simply 2D bar codes that can be read using reader apps. Once scanned, the information in the qr code will pop-up on the phone’s screes for reading. We are living in a fast placed digital and technologically advanced era. This has seen the use of qr codes in ways that were unimaginable a decade ago. In the beginning, qr codes were only used for tracking vehicle parts but today, they are used for marketing businesses. Qr codes can be created easily using qr code generators and they can be scanned using reader apps on smartphones. Qr codes can carry all manner of information ranging from website urls to business contact information or even discount coupons.

Qr-code maken – How to make a qr code

There are numerous online resources that offer qr code making services. In order to ensure you make the most ideal qr codes for your campaign, it is important to find the most efficient generator online. The generator should have the ability to create qr codes in less than a minute and it should create qr codes that are compatible with most qr code readers. This will ensure that your target market is able to read your code regardless of the reader app they have on their smartphones. The most common qr code generators online include Qurify, Kaywa and Delivr.

Qr-code maken – The common types of qr codes available

Dynamic qr code – this is the most ideal qr code for users who would want to change the content of their qr link without having to change the qr code. It is ideal for codes that carry URL addresses to landing pages.

Static qr code –this is a stationery type of code. It is ideal for users looking to create a code carrying contact information or physical business address. It is Impossible to change the content of the code without changing the code kin the case of static codes.

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