Qr Code Maken- Making And Using Qr Codes

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Qr code maken

While more people are becoming acquainted with the use of qr codes as a form of marketing, some people are yet to fully grasp what qr codes are all about. Qr codes can be used in the same way as bar codes. However, there are several other things qr codes can do that barcodes cannot. This is because barcodes are limited to the amount of info they can carry.

Quick response codes (qr codes) have come a long way since they were originally developed. In the start, these codes were used by a car company in japan to track vehicle parts. Today, qr codes are used for many other purposes such as tracking of inventory, commercial tracking, marketing and for client –business relations.

Qr code maken – Making of qr codes

In order to ensure you use only the best qr codes, it is essential to consider a few factors. First, qr codes are created using qr code generators. These are resources that enable you to create your own qr codes. There are numerous generators online with most of them being offered for free. Once you find the most ideal generator, you will be able to create a reliable qr code. It is also important to consider the type of info you plan on placing in the qr code. This will determine the type of code you create. You can choose between static and dynamic qr codes. The static qr code are most suitable for qr codes that carry business contacts while the dynamic codes are ideal for qr codes that carry URL addresses.

Qr code maken – The difference between static codes and dynamic codes

Dynamic qr codes – these are simply codes that allow you to change the info carried in your code without having to change the code. This is why it is said to be suitable for codes carrying URL addresses. You can change the info on the URL page without changing your code.

Static codes – these refer to codes that cannot be altered once they are created. This is why are ideal for business contact which are unlikely to change often. If you want to change the info, you will have to create another code.

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