QR Code Label Printer

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QR Code Label Printer

Quick Response Codes, better known as QR codes, are special kinds of barcodes that can be read using Smartphones and have the ability to contain a large amount of information as compared to traditional barcodes. In other words, they can contain about 100 times more data that regular barcodes in QR codes.

Smartphone owners can simply download QR code scanners in their phones and scan QR codes they come across. The QR code could be on a product and can contain more information about that product or even on a gravestone where you will be able to share information on the deceased life journey. The good thing about these 2D codes is that, they do not have a limit as to the type of information you can have embedded in them.

QR code label printer – A little background on QR codes

QR is the short abbreviation for ‘Quick Response’. It is a two-dimensional code that, unlike traditional barcodes, enables you to store massive amounts of alphanumerical characters. Originally, they were created to be scanned using barcode scanners. Nowadays however, they can be scanned using a Smartphone.

The use of mobile phones as QR code scanners is what has led to the embrace of QR codes by marketers as an advertising and marketing tool. QR codes can read hyperlinks; relocate your scan to a website and even videos.

In terms of relocation to a website, QR codes have made it easy and safe for you to get access to a legit websites. How? Well, when you are given a business card that has a QR code in it, you will not have to go online and search for that person’s name until you find them. You simply scan the code, and just like that, you will be redirected to example, the person’s website thus avoiding malicious software found in fake websites.

Printing QR codes on labels using a QR code label printer

Here are simple steps that will help you print QR codes on labels using a QR code label printer:

  1. Identify a suitable QR code generator like Kaywa.
  2. Follow screen prompts given and enter a hyperlink or text in that content box.
  3. Generate your QR code.
  4. Download then save that QR code as an image on the desktop or in a folder on your computer.
  5. Open the Custom QuickLabel software then add that QR code to the label format as graphic image. You can also add that image to the label design in the software you use to print and design labels like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.
  6. Print the label as you would using any printer or a QR code label printer.


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