QR code image generator

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qr code image generator

Abbreviated as a QR code, quick response codes are 2 dimensional bar codes that are readable, and can store various forms of information. They can store plain text, website URLs, email addresses, phone numbers and other types of alpha numeric data.

QR codes are two dimensional codes while barcodes are one dimensional codes. This means that QR codes can store more information than bar codes. People are becoming more and more familiar with QR code and more business owners are using QR codes as a form of marketing, not only in Japan and the USA, but also in other countries all over the globe.

How to make a QR code

As a business owner, you have to keep with the latest marketing trends in order to stay relevant in an ever evolving marketplace. QR codes are not only meant for business owners, but for anyone who wants to put any kind of information out in public.

So how do you create a QR code? Below are simple steps to guide you through:

  • First of all, you need to find a reliable QR code generator and choose a QR code type of your choice. Choose a content type that has the tabs for the QR code that you want to create.
  • Set options – enter the data that you want to be encoded in the QR code. This can be a text message, and email address or a URL to a website of your choice. You can set an effect or a color for your QR code, as well as an image or a logo that you wish to display on your QR code, so as to give it a more personalized look.
  • Generate the QR code, to see the QR code in the preview window. This can be done by simply clicking on the generate preview button.
  • Print or download the QR code. You can print the QR code generally on anything that you would wish to contain your QR code, be it your business card or billboard. Some people choose to print their QR codes on tea mugs and others even on t-shirts.

To make the most of your QR code making exploits, it is best to pick a QR code generator that allows you to make visually appealing QR codes fast. They must also be affordable and easy to use. Visualead is one such QR code generator.

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