QR Code Generators Free Download

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QR Code Generators Free Download

Do not be fooled by that inconsequential garbled QR Code. Such graphical codes have the ability to hold a wealth of data and remain the same in physical appearance. Example, these codes can store website address, contact information, telephone numbers, website information, links to personal web pages, product details, your Facebook, Twitter or another social media account and advertisements, to mention a few. In short, the list of the type of information that can be stored in a QR Code is a long and probably endless one.

We have all, at one point or the other, seen these codes on billboards or advertisements and even on TV. What many people do not know is that, these codes are far much more than they appear to be. They have been sought after by many website owners in an attempt to create mobile awareness for their websites. However, these codes are far more powerful that you may think and their usage is not limited to the aforementioned.

QR Code Generators Free Download – What is a QR Code and how can you get one?

QR is the short abbreviation of the term Quick Response. QR codes are two-dimensional codes which, unlike traditional barcodes,have the ability to store more information. One of the many things that have made these codes so popular is the ability to easily generate them.

Thanks to the many reliable QR Code generators free download like visualead, anyone can own and create a QR Code without the help of an IT expert. Generators for QR Codes can also be installed into smartphones with ease and the best part is that, most of them are free. Therefore, if you want to try those generators out, all you have to do is to download it for free.  These codes can also store different formats like .gif, .jpg, .png etc.

QR Code generators free download –identifying the best generator

  1. It should be fast to generate QR Codes: Most generators can create a QR Code in a minute or less. The generator you settle for should be able to do so giving you the flexibility to make more QR Codes with ease.
  2. Should be able to generator codes that are of standard size: Large 2D codes are not that attractive. So, the generator you choose should be able to create both large and small codes.
  3. Should be able to redirect the codes: Go one that can generate dynamic codes. That way, you will have enough flexibility to alter code links without the need to generate new codes.

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