QR code generator vector

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QR code generator vector

A QR code is a two dimensional type of bar code that was invented in themid-1990s in Japan. When QR codes were first invented, they were used to track car parts. However, QR codes have been found to have more than one use today. QR codes are being used as a form of marketing not only by small business owners, but also by large companies. This is because QR codes have the ability to store large amount of different types of information. Companies and business owners therefore result to using QR codes to save their personal details, email addresses, contact details and some even link their business website to the QR codes. For a customer to view the information contained in a QR code they are required to scan the QR code using QR code scanners that are available on the internet.

QR code generator vector – why use vector QR codes?

For the graphics that you see online, most of them are made up of very little squares that are put together so as to create the large graphical picture that people are able to see. However, when you try to increase the size of these graphical images that you see, you end up damaging the appearance of the image. The case is the same when it comes to QR codes. Most of the QR codes that are created come in a standardsize, which gets damaged when you try to increase the size. This can even damage the ability of the QR code to be read.

Vector QR codes are made up of geometric shapes that do not change regardless the size the image is adjusted to. Vector QR codes can therefore be adjusted in size and still maintain their attractiveness and readability.

QR code generator vector – creating vector QR codes

To create a vector QR code, you most importantly have to find a QR code generator that has the ability to create such type of codes. These generators are available for download on the internet and are very easy to use. Enter the data that is to be contained in the QR code and press the create QR code button. This will allow you to see a preview of the QR code that you have just created. Before you download and print it, you can first test it to see if it is working. You can use any device to scan the QR code.

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