QR code generator color

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QR code generator color

Previously QR codes were black and white but are not the case in the 21st century. These magical codes can be customized and even made in different colors. Despite the ability to scan them with a Smartphone there are many advantages that come with these 2 dimensional matrixes. This is because you could opt not to use the common dark color of your QR code and turn it into something more colorful that will attract many clients while still maintain its ability to be scanned via a smartphone. All you have to do is add some color palette in your initial black and white QR code then embed it with multiple colors. This is the easiest way of making a dark QR code more beautiful.

QR code generator color – ways of making colored QR codes

Based on the fact that you can easily redesign QR codes, below are ways through which you could do it. Below are some the ways:

Softening hard edges with round corners

This is one of the greatest ways in which QR codes can be rebranded. This technique allows you as the user to round some corners of your code while softening the edges thus making it appear more approachable and friendly.

Adding color palette

This is yet another easy way you could turn a QR code into something more appealing. All you have to do is ensure your initial code is dark in color before coloring it. Not doing so will affect the scanability of your QR code.

Include the 3D impact

This is another technique of rebranding QR codes. However, this technique does not use colors. Here you obstruct some of the boxes in your black and white QR code and replacing them with some sense of art such as logos. Besides logos, you are also allowed to add other attractive elements to the sides or corners of your QR codes. This too gives it a beautiful appearance.

Whatever you decide to use, make sure to use a tool that guarantees excellent quality QR codes every single time. You could also opt for additional features such as QR code tracking.

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