QR code generation API

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qr code generation api

A QR code is a two dimensional code that was first created with by a corporation in Japan, known as Denso – Wave. QR codes can store large amount of data. The data that is stored in QR codes is normally encoded. To decode this data, you will require a smartphone that has a QR code scanning application.

Quick response (QR) means that the code responds very quickly when scanned. The use of QR codes is not only limited to online marketing and advertising. They can also be used in the sales logistics and application.

QR code generation API – Information that is stored inside a QR code

The size of a QR code depends on its symbol version as well as the size of the modules that make up that QR code. You can therefore be able to store just about any kind of information inside the QR code, be it a link, a text, an email or even a short message. QR codes can also store images and sounds, so long as they are stored in binary data. All the information that is contained in a QR code must first be encoded

QR codes can be easily generated online without any previous experience.

QR code generation API – generating QR code coupons

QR codes give you a quick and easy method for sharing information in an attractive way. Business owners should try and embed a coupon inside a QR code. This way, all your customers and potential clients will have to scan the QR code so as to retrieve the coupons.

How to:

  • Go to an online QR code generator website from your browser. A good example would be visualead where you can generate visually appealing QR codes easily.
  • Choose the data type that you would wish to encode. It could be a phone number, a URL a text or SMS.
  • Enter the content in the name that is section that is labeled ‘content’.
  • Choose the size of the QR code that you want.
  • Click ‘generate’ and an image will appear.
  • Right click on the image and save it in the hard drive.
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