QR code format

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QR code format

You might have heard that QR codes are going to become the next big thing, and you are probably asking yourself what exactly QR codes are. Quick response codes, mostly referred to as QR codes are two dimensional bar codes that are used to store different types of alphanumeric data. The information that is saved in QR codes is normally encoded, and can be decoded using QR code reading devices, and smartphones. Most of the time, the encoded data contained in QR codes links users directly to text messages, websites, email addresses, phone numbers and any other information that a QR code creator has encoded in the QR code.

In the 1990s, QR codes were only used in Japan. However, with the passage of time, QR codes have become more popular and are now being used in countries all over the globe. They are mostly used by business owners for marketing.

Making a QR code

Thanks to the QR code generators that are available on the internet, you can now easily create your own QR code. The journey of making a QR code begins by finding a suitable QR code generator, and choosing the QR code type that you wish to have.

Set the options and enter the data that you would like to be included in the QR code. An example of the data that can be included in the QR code is the URL of a website, an email address, a text message, contact information among other types of information that you wish to include in the QR code. Generate the QR code by clicking on the “create” button. By doing so, you will be able to see a preview of your QR code. Finally download the QR code or print it on items of your choice. It can be a cup, a t-shirt, a business card or any other place that you would wish to have your QR code printed on. You can also choose to have your QR code printed on a billboard, or on company booklets.

QR code: file formats

You can use the following QR code file formats while creating a QR code:

  • Tiff file
  • HTML code
  • EPS
  • PNG file
  • SVG

When selecting a QR code generator, make sure it supports the file format you’re looking to use. One tool that support many file formats while allowing you to create beautiful QR codes is the Visualead QR code generator.

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