QR code font

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QR code font

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to create your own QR codes in any format? Well, the good thing is that all this is possible with a few clicks on your keyboard.

QR codes can be published on almost any document depending on the format you choose to use after creating them. What’s more is you can also create the QR codes in any size and use them at any time. This means no matter where you choose to place your QR code, any place is suitable. This is because fonts are scanable at any time. Even so, you should always consider scanability.

QR code font – how does the QR code font work?

In order to understand how fonts work in QR codes, it is important to understand what a QR code is. A QR code is a two dimensional barcode with the ability to store a lot of information. This 2 dimensional barcode is made with square blocks and each of these blocks is made with 4 lines filled with a black color. This way, it is possible to place any QR code under any key on the keyboard. This is because all the blocks are assigned a specific letter in the alphabet thus the ability to make out what a QR code contains after scanning. It is for this reason many people are using QR codes to share phone numbers, URLs, email addresses and other important details. The best part is this information is retrievable using a scanner application. This refers to a tool that enables you to read what is contained in a QR code.

Scanning a QR code is pretty easy. This is because you need not buy a scanner for your QR code. Instead, all you need to have is your smartphone and scanner application and you are good to go.

QR code font – more information about using QR codes in a business

Based on the fact that QR codes let you store almost any information, you can most definitely rely on them to market your products. This is because it is both fun and interesting to be able to scan a QR code and make out what its contents are. You can be sure your customers will be yearning to scan your QR codes.

Once you have managed to successfully scan a QR code and seen what it is, chances are you will want your friend to try and do the same.  You notice that this spreads word about your products and you receive more buyers if it is a product you are selling.

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