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QR code email

QR codes are commonplace nowadays. For those who may not know it yet, QR codes are simply readable barcodes that have the ability to store a lot of information including URL links, phone numbers and other types of data. If you have an online business or product, and are looking for a way to market and advertise it, QR codes are a great option. These codes also come with features that allow users to send all kinds of data to mobile including emails. For instance, you could even send your friend an email message in a QR code. This is because QR codes make it easy to write a complete email using a simple QR code. When the code is scanned, they can retrieve the hidden message.

QR code email – How to write an email in a QR code

Before you write an email in a QR code, it is advisable that you understand how to go about the writing. This is because it is not as easy as you think and there are a few instructions that are a must follow if you want to incorporate an email in your code. To compose the email message and fit it in a code, you must either use MATMSG identifier or mailto Syntax used in HTML WebPages. These are the only two sure ways of composing an email message with a QR code.

When writing an email, it is also important that you use the following format:


Stacy@ example.co.ke;


My appreciation for your support;


I just wanted to say thank you for being my friend. Just so you know you stand as a true friend and a rare to find. May God bless you abundantly for being a true friend indeed.


[Yours Betty];

More about email QR code

With the above instructions and formatting, you can easily compose a simple email with a QR code. However, you must make sure that your email has three parts. This means it must have the first address belonging to the recipient then followed by the subject or the reason for writing the email and lastly include the body. The body is the message itself. In other words, it refers to the content of your email. Also, you notice the semicolons that have been used in the above email. They are used to show you are free to add other paragraphs as part of the message if need be. You are not restricted to how long you wish to make your QR code email.

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