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qr code designers

QR codes or quick response codes can be used to store a lot of information about your business or brand. This information can range from application links, URL addresses and even text information and many other different kinds of data. It is possible to generate QR codes from a phone application or online using free QR code generators. Most of the online based QR code generators create the basic black and white QR codes. If your want customized QR codes, you need to take your time when choosing QR code generators. Visualead is one of the few generators that allow you to create customized QR codes. With such a generator, you can easily create QR codes that have a logo and different color schemes.

QR code designers – designing your QR codes using visualead

With visualead, you can turn any logo or design into a QR code. The first thing you need to do is register for an account on the visualead site. Once done, you can follow these easy steps to design your QR code using visualead.

Choose a design

Upload the logo or design you want to use in your QR code. Visualead supports five different formats namely, PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF and GIF. Alternatively, you can choose a design from the many available on visualead’s ‘stock’ designs. These include popular brands like linkedIn, Pinterest,Facebook and Twitter.

Select QR code type

Once you have uploaded your image, you are redirected to an editing page where you select the type of info you want your QR code to carry. You can include any type of info in your QR code; from Facebook profiles, to Skype usernames and even your contact info.

Edit your QR code

This is when you get to resize your QR code and make it a better fit to blend with your design. You also have the choice of placing your code strategically to ensure it is easily scanned. Once you have edited the code, click on ‘next’ to be able to preview it.

Creating the code

If you are content with the preview of your QR code, you can click on ‘next’ for the code to get your customized quick response code design.

QR code designers – More about using visualead QR code generator

Visualead QR code generator is one of the best generators you can go for. It is available for free or at a small fee for every code you generate. It also gives you the ad-free experience for the paid for version. The free QR code version, you get free ads for a few seconds.

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