QR Code Definition

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QR Code Definition

QR Codes are 2D codes that are widely used by many to download example, a web page to the user’s Smartphone once s/he has scanned the QR codes. However, the embedded information in a QR code is not limited to web pages but they are the most common types of info you can find embedded in a quick response code. These web pages normally display ads of service and/or products a specific company is involved in.

QR Codes are also used to store phone numbers and other business contacts that are easily displayed with the scanning of a QR code. These 2D codes can also be used to send SMS’s to a certain number. The short message embedded inside could be something like “send me some info” so that the recipient of the message is able to directly respond the text to the sender.

QR code definition – QR codes are all over

Unlike it was in the past, QR codes are nowadays all over the place. You can see them in newspapers, on magazines, billboards and all sorts of promotional materials. You will also see them in store shelves where you can scan them to get more info on the products displayed on that shelf.

When it comes to storage of data/info, QR codes have the capability of storing up to 7,089 numeric characters or 4296 alphanumeric characters. However, the storage capability amount depends on the error correction level you have chosen. These codes were first created, in mid ‘90s, by a corporation located in Japan known as Denso-Wave. Initially, they were only used in the manufacturing company for tracking car parts in an assembly line. In the year 2000, they were ISO standard and that is when their popularity started to rise. By late 2000, they had gained much popularity in the United States.

To promote QR codes, Google sent about a hundred thousand QR Codes (custom coded) to various US establishments back in 2009.

A couple of ways QR codes are used

As earlier mentioned, QR codes are used in different industries for different purposes. Some of them include:

  • Used on virtual business cards. They are linked to people’s website or full resumes.
  • There was a promotion by Starbucks that featured scavenger hunts that were QR code-enabled. They involved hints that were accessed through QR codes found in stores.
  • There are some monuments that have QR codes put on gravestones. These codes connect people to an internet obituary website about that deceased person.
  • There are some QR codes that are used on signs connecting people to different videos that give information about wildlife.

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