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QR Code Contact

QR codes are increasing in popularity and this can be attributed to the many features these 2 dimensional codes have. These square shaped codes are not only malleable but also very versatile making it easy to customize them.

If you are still wondering what QR codes are, here is a short description. The initials ‘QR’ are abbreviations for ‘Quick Response’, which is the purpose these codes were created for i.e. to respond quickly. They are black and white and sit on a plain white background. It also has two-dimensional intersecting patterns. If you own a smartphone, you need to download and install QR scanning software. The good thing is that, you can get these pieces of software without paying a dime.

Why people like using QR codes for contact exchange

When it comes to versatility, QR codes have the ability to hold many different types of data and in a variety of characters. For example, they can hold information like URLs, phone numbers, plain text, email addresses etc. The fact that you are able to give most, if not all, of your contact information when using QR codes makes it a very powerful marketing and advertising tool.

Another reason as to why these matrix codes have risen in popularity is that they do not need big scanners to decipher the code. Unlike conventional barcodes that need big scanners, when scanning a QR code all you need is a smartphone that has a QR code reading app installed. The camera of that phone is what takes the place of a scanner.

QR code contact-How to create a QR code

There are several ways of including contacts in your QR code. For example, you could use Vcard, Bizcard, AU and Mecard. These make it easy for you to create a QR code contact. If you would like to have a QR code, here are simple steps that will guide you on going about it:

  • Go to Google chart Wizard
  • Click ‘editor tab’
  • Locate a chart type you want to use on the QR code
  • Reformat the existing format then input the QR code
  • Activate it by clicking outside that field.

An easier way to achieve this is by using tools such as Visualead. The allow you to make contact QR codes that are both attractive and easy to use affordably.

If you have a new online business and are looking for ways to market it without sending too much time and money, then QR codes will help you do just that. The best part is that with these codes you will be able to keep track of their performance.

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