QR Code Contact Generator

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QR Code Contact Generator

QR codes are 2 dimensional codes that sit on a white background. They are used for marketing or personal purposes. Unlike traditional barcodes, QR codes can store up to 4000 alphanumerical characters even when having limited space. QR codes are standardized under the ISO 18004 meaning that anyone from any country can scan a QR code and be able to get the same results.

These codes were first created by Denso-Wave, a corporation located in Japan. They were first used in the manufacturing industry to track parts of cars during assembly of a vehicle. Nowadays, these codes are used for mobile advertising, marketing and networking. Thanks to these codes, you can easily end up in a website’s landing page. Another thing that these codes can be used to store is contact information.

QR code contact generator-How you can correctly place contact information in a QR code

  • Look for the best QR code contact generator. You can look for one from your Smartphone’s app store or play store.
  • Download and install the app in your phone.
  • Open the app and click on the tab for contacts. Once it has opened, enter the contact you want to store in the box provided.
  • Click ‘create code’ button for the QR code to be generated.
  • The QR code will be created in a few minutes. Before you print out, test to confirm that it works.

About dynamic QR codes and how to avail the contacts in the QR to your customers

There are times when the content inside a QR code is changeable. When you hear about dynamic QR codes, it refers to the codes that point at static URLs which host the content. The content being hosted is changeable once the QR code is printed. Once you have signed-in to your Google account, you will be able to generate a dynamic code in some QR code generating sites.

After creating your QR code using the QR code contact generator, the next step is to avail this code to your customers/target audience. Make sure that the QR code has prompts that will guide your customers on how to use the scanner. That way, any client who does not know how to scan the QR code using their phone will not have a hard time. The good thing is, some clients will not have to install a QR reader app in their phones as may Smartphones nowadays come with a pre-installed QR code reading app.

For more information on a QR code contact generator you can follow the link.

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