QR code companies

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QR code companies

Do you know where QR codes originated from? As much as there is so much hype about these codes, not so many people are aware of where QR codes came from. These codes were first introduced in Japan in 1994 by Denso wave. The company’s intention was to use these codes in tracking car parts .This was the main reason for creating QR codes.

In other words, they were meant to make it easy to track car parts during assembly. However, that is now a thing of the past. QR codes are now used in very many different ways. This is all thanks to the fact that users can generate and print their own codes for other users to scan and get the embedded data. For this reason, QR codes have become quite common.

QR code companies- how to use a QR code in your company

There are so many ways that you could use these codes to benefit your business. Imagine having a business card that has a QR code. This is not only unique but also interesting for your clients. QR codes have always had a way of exciting users. This is because the users curiosity is aroused thus making them scan the code just to get the coded message.

If your company already has a website, worry not about incorporating a QR code in that site. As the administrator, you could use QR codes to redirect users to your other websites directly. This means they do not have to keep logging in and out in order to access those other websites. You are probably impressed by now, but that is just the tip of the ice berg.

You could use QR codes in your company to keep track of your employees and their progress at work. This is because QR codes have the ability to store massive information including URL links, phone numbers as well as email addresses. This means you have their contact information at your finger tips and you could easily reach them if need be.

What else can qr codes do?

Other than the company, qr codes have also been used in different places like:

  • Near historical monuments: when scanned, they give you a history of the monument.
  • On gravestones: the qr code here normally has a history of the deceased and, at times, might be accompanied by pictures and videos taken when the deceased was alive.
  • On t-shirts: when printed on t-shirts they could be holding social media profile information of the wearer. They could also redirect you to a website upon scanning.

One QR code company you should check out is Visualead. They have a great Visualead that will allow you to tweak your QR codes as you like.

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