QR code cards

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QR code cards

Qr codes or quick response codes are 2 dimension types of barcode matrix boxes that you can use to store information. This information can be in the form of text, numeric vale or in the form a URL to a landing page. Mostly, qr codes are used by businesses as a way of doing mobile marketing. This is because qr codes can be scanned using smartphones.

You have probably heard so much about QR codes but are not sure of how you can use them. If you do not know what they are, then this article is for you. Using a QR codes is as easy as ABC. However, there are a few tips that you ought to have in order to be able to do so. QR codes are referred to as quick response codes with the ability to store massive information. This means the information they carry is not limited. QR codes can store phone numbers, plain texts, email addresses as well as links leading to websites.

QR code cards – How to incorporate a QR code in cards

Although this is easy, it is important to follow the tips below.

  • To begin with, select‘create a code’. You can use a QR code generator of your choice.
  • Choose the function you wish your QR to perform. In this case, you want it to be in a business card.
  • Choose the image you wish to have in your card.
  • Now that you just created your QR code, position it right and add it to your business card. At this point, you can choose to add any other text you wish to.

QR code cards – Reason for adding QR code to your cards

There are so many ways of using QR codes. For instance, QR codes on business cards shows creativity. Adding a code to a card says more about the way you handle your business. This is because a QR codes allow you quick and easy access to online presence straight from your card. These are just a few reasons you need to have cards with QR codes.

Besides showing creativity, using a code on a card is a sure way to connect with people in your business. Once you make your code the centre of attraction in your card, you can rest assured of new clients and contact. As a result of scanning the code on your car, is leads them to far more details that cab be hard to find in a normal business card.

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