QR code applications

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QR code applications

Do you know what you can do to get your clients glued to your business?  Well, you could introduce them to using QR codes. QR codes were invented many years ago by a Toyota subsidiary company to help in tracking car parts. However, their use is completely different today. This is because people have learnt different ways they can make use of these codes. These range from advertising, merchandising, ticketing to coupons.

Generally, you can choose to use a QR code anywhere and in any way you wish to. The power is in your hands.

QR code applications – different uses of QR codes

Here, we look at some fun and creative ways you could use a simple QR code to market your business. This way, you will see these codes have the ability to offer your customers real value. This means they can rely on your QR codes to get more information about your business, products, goods and services.

In the case of a huge supermarket you could easily entice users to shop by making their shopping an interesting experience. How do you do this? Well, you can let users know that they can scan QR codes placed on products on the shelves to find out more about them and see how they all react to that. This is both interesting and convenient at the same time. This is because shoppers can scan the items in their shopping cart while waiting for their turn to get to the counter.

You could also enhance your visitors’ experience by introducing the use of a QR codes in a museum or in any other art work exhibit. This was tried in Cleveland at a certain museum and this helped them increase the number of visitors who visited the museum. After scanning the codes on different pieces of art work in the museum, many people found this fun and could not resists telling others about it. This in turn attracted more people to the museum. This, consequently, saw the number of visitors increase gradually.

Generally, there are so many way you can make use of QR codes. In the case of a cafeteria, you could   provide customers with QR codes where they can scan the code and pay their bills. This helps in saving time since they do not have to wait in the line to be attended to.

Here are the top uses of QR codes by businesses across various industries.

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