QR code app for android

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QR code app for android

If you are a frequent user of smart mobile devices, then you have probably heard about QR codes. These are the hottest marketing strategy today. QR codes, better known as Quick response codes, were first invented in Japan by Denso Wave. After their introduction, it took quite some time for them to receive global recognition. Even so, this did not hinder their growth. This is because people discovered about their ability to store massive information thus turning to using QR codes. What’s more is that QR codes can also handle different types of data. This means that you can include URLs, phone numbers and any other type of information you wish to include in your code.

Even so, you must have a QR code in order to scan it. Having your own QR code means you have to create one. Although you must have the right tools in place, creating a code is pretty easy especially with a good code generator. The best part is that there are plenty of generators in the market today.

QR code app for android- what is the best generator to use

A generator is a software program used for creating QR codes. With the help of a trustworthy website like visualead, you can be sure to get a good and reliable code generator. A good generator should be fast, efficient and reliable. These are the most important factors to consider when thinking of a code creator.

With the above factors, you will be able to create many codes at a go. Something else about finding a good generator is that it lets you create different types of codes. This is an advantage because there are different types of QR codes, thus the need to generate them in order to understand how they all work. Besides that, visualead lets you insert logos, images and other designs on a QR code. This is something that makes a code look unique and more beautiful.

QR code app for android- what makes the best android code reader

In order to enjoy using QR codes, you have to scan them. You need a code reader to do this. Below is a list of features to look for in a reader for android:

  • Scans QR codes using an android camera.
  • Has an integrated web browser.
  • Saves contacts.
  • Lets you create your own codes as well as share them.
  • Can create codes on a business card.
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