QR code analytics

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QR code analytics

With the use of QR codes expanding, people are coming up with different ways through which they can be used to bring a new dimension such as using it for marketing. Today, it is possible for one to include a logo, video link as well as email address in a QR code. In the case of a link, it redirects the user to your website where they can review your goods and services. For marketers looking to point a logo in a QR, it is advisable to first look at the code analytics ad and what it says about QR codes with logos. This is because QR codes offer marketers a mobile friendly platform for displaying their products freely. It is for this reason that QR codes are gaining popularity among more and more people.

QR code analytics – why use QR codes for marketing

As a business person, using QR codes in your industry goes along way in marketing your goods and services. This is because there are many targets a marketer has in mind when setting in QR code. These include:

  • ask for information using a lead capture form.
  • Sign up for something
  • click-to-call
  • pay for something
  • Send a message, email to text.

Factors to consider where using QR codes


You need to give your audience a reason to want to scan your QR code. If you are generating a QR code that redirects them to your clients to your Facebook page, make it known that they can earn discounts or to win something when they like your page.

Consider your purpose

It is important to ensure you only generate QR codes with a purpose in mind. You are supposed to determine why you need to use a QR code instead of placing your info plainly on your space. This helps you decide how much info to include in the QR code.

It is possible to use qr code analytics to track your qr codes. Learn more about qr code analytics here.

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