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Quick response codes or QR codes have been some of the leading tools of advertising since 2011 and it is easy to see why. QR codes come in a small design and they are quite easy to notice. These square shaped boxes can be found just about anywhere; from ice-cream cups to t-shirts and even on caps among other interesting places. With QR codes, businesses can redirect anyone who scans the code to their websites through URL links, to texts about the service of goods being offered or even to a coupon discount. Quick response codes are very easy to create and use. Actually, one of the reasons these codes are easy to use is because they can be scanned using smartphones. All one needs is to have an active QR code scanners app in the smartphone to be able to scan the code. Also, creating the codes is quite easy as a one needs to find is a reliable QR code generator and there are plenty of them available online.


QR code advertising – what exactly is a QR code

Basically, QR codes are upgraded versions of barcodes. However, QR codes have the capacity to hold a lot more information than barcodes can. Also, QR codes can be scanned using smart devices. For this reason, business owners and brand marketers saw these codes as an interesting way of marketing their business. This is because using QR codes in any business marketing strategy means that the QR code is available to anyone who owns a smartphone or smart device.

According to statistics, at least half of the population currently comprises of people who are using smartphones. More and more people are shifting away from the traditional use of PCs and laptops for searching online to using more convenient and less cumbersome means like the use of hand held smartphones and smart devices. Therefore, using a QR code to advertise your business has a better chance of getting you good results than waiting for people to discover your products or services.

QR code advertising –using QR codes in advertising

Basically, QR codes carry encoded information about a brand or business. This information is made known to anyone who used their smartphone to scan the code. It is important to only use QR codes to advertise your brand in places where you know you can find your target audience. This way, you are sure that most of the people scanning the code are actually potential clients. With this easy to use trick, you can be sure that your codes will offer the results you want for your business.


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