QR business cards

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QR codes or quick response codes are simply 2 or 3 dimension types of barcodes that can be used to store business details. These codes were first invented in Japan but were used for other different uses. In Japan, QR codes were used to track inventory in car manufacturing companies. It took these codes at least a decade for them to be recognized in other parts of the world. Today, QR codes are used more for marketing and advertising than they are used to track inventory. Quick response codes can be used in different places. Most of the places you are likely to come across QR codes is on billboards, magazines, newspapers, TV adverts, posters and even on price tags. One common place these codes are used widely is on business cards.

qr business cards

QR business cards – More on QR codes on business cards

For any business person, getting the word out on their brands or products is one of the many goals they have. This means that business owners are always looking for venues to market their products and this is why most of them also go for QR codes on their business cards. Most QR business cards offer clients the chance to learn more about the business the card represents. The QR code is placed on the card to offer details that could not fit on the card in the form of text. The QR code can contain just about any kind of information. Mostly, these QR codes contain URL links to the business’ landing pages or websites where more info on the business is available. However some of these codes can also contain additional contact details on the business or text that can be of value to the client.

QR business cards – How to make QR codes on business cards more efficient

Using short urls

QR codes get complex when too much information is placed on them. Unless you have a very high quality generator, too much information can affect the scanning abilities of your codes. It is therefore ideal to use short URL links to ensure that cards remain light and readable.

Making an ideal size QR code

It is always important to understand that different smartphones will be used to scan your codes and different smartphones have different scanning abilities. You need to ensure that your code is of an ideal size. This will ensure that all types of smartphones have the ability to detect and scan the code.


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