QR barcodes

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QR barcodes

If you have not started using these readable barcodes in your business, then you most definitely need to. QR codes or quick response codes were first used by the Japanese. This is because they were first invented by Denso Wave; a Toyota car company subsidiary based in Japan. Although the main reasons for creating the codes was to track car parts, this is totally different from how these codes are used today. The truth is, business owners and marketers are benefiting from this nifty invention in a big way.

Today, QR barcodes are one of the most commonly used forms of mobile marketing. It is for this reason that these codes have received immense recognition globally. This is because more people are turning to using these readable barcodes and finding them quite effective. Most of them have even attested to an increase in their sales after they started using QR codes to promote their products and services.

QR barcodes – the two main categories of readable barcodes

Looking at the many different types of QR codes, it is hard to classify them into groups. Even so, there are two main groups into which these codes are divided. These groups make it easy to know what type of barcode you are using as well as how you can create it. These two groups are namely the basic and customized QR barcodes.

Basic QR codes –Normally, the basic barcodes are plain black and white. These codes have nothing unique about them. This is because they are created from a regular code generator thus lacking uniqueness unlike with customized barcodes.

Customized barcodes – these are an improvement on the basic QR codes. This is because they can easily be customized in terms of design and size and made to look more beautiful. This means you can choose to incorporate an image or a logo in a QR code for brand identification. This effectively means that your prospects will be able to differentiate your QR codes from your competitors.

QR barcodes – making use of QR codes

Besides embedding a QR barcode in a business card, you notice there are so many other ways you can make use of a simple barcode. The best part about using a QR code on a business card is that you are able to share your contact information faster compared to providing users with a plain business card.

Linking a QR code to a website is the most common way users are making use of these QR barcodes. This is because they are able to connect with their clients easily. Better yet, they do not need to type any URL address as they are redirected to your website automatically.

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