QR barcode

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QR barcode

QR codes came into existence after they were first invented in Japan by Denso Wave who worked in a Toyota subsidiary. Denso intended to use QR codes to track car parts in the Toyota car manufacturing plant. Years later, the use of QR codes has changed completely.

QR stands for Quick Response. The name depicts how quickly these codes can be scanned. This is one of the reasons QR codes are used more compared to normal barcodes. With QR codes, you do not need to buy a separate barcode reader in order to scan a QR code as you can scan the codes using smartphones. QR codes are also used because they can hold more information that normal barcodes.

QR barcode – how do you scan a QR barcode using a cell phone

First and foremost, you realize that not all smartphones can scan QR codes. This is because there is something special they need to have to be able to make out what a QR code contains.

In order for your mobile device to scan a QR code, it needs to have a camera and a QR code reader. This is the application that enables your phones camera to scan a code and display its content for your viewing.

While there are phones that come with ready to use code scanners, you should not worry if yours does not have a barcode reader. If you have a decent smartphone, downloading and installing a QR code scanner is a process that should not take long.

QR barcode – how will do they benefit marketers

Judging from the fact that almost everyone is using a QR code, you can rest assured that introducing usage of these codes in your business is probably the best decision you can ever make. This is because every business; be it big or small, needs some good marketing.

For instance, if you generated a QR code for every product you intend to sell and use it to redirect your buyers to your website you can imagine how many people would visit the website. What’s more, they will not only scan the product but will most definitely want to share it with their friends. This share chain will go on spreading word about this QR code while at the same time marketing your product or service. This way, you can rest assured you will have driven a lot of people to your business website with just a simple QR barcode.

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