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QR codes were first heard of in the 1990s for their use in Japanese manufacturing companies. In these days, these codes were used to track car parts in manufacturing companies. It took these codes years for them to go global. This was mainly because creating and using QR codes in those days required technological infrastructure that was hard and very costly to come by. Flash forward almost twenty years later and QR codes are being used almost everywhere. One of the areas these codes have been used successfully is in marketing and advertising. QR codes offer the perfect platform to do mobile marketing. This is because QR codes can be scanned using smart devices. This means that every person using a smartphone can easily scan your QR code if you use it for your business. As a result, QR codes are these days seen almost everywhere you look.

qr barcode scanner

QR barcode reader – How QR codes are used and places they are used in

QR codes are a great way of marketing your business or brand. This is why most businesses are using these codes in different ways to reach their client base. QR codes can be used to store information like useful text for clients, URL details and even discount codes. Once the code is scanned, the information in the code is displayed on the smartphone’s screen or the user is redirected to the web page of the URL in the code.

You can come across QR codes in a lot of places. Actually, it you have been keen you may have noticed them on billboards, business cards,magazines, newspapers, TV commercials, price tags and even on posters. For businesses, placement of the QR code is most important. You need to ensure that you place these codes in places where your target market is mostly found. This increases the chance of getting the codes scanned and used to benefit your business.

Choosing the best QR barcode scanner

Before downloading a QR barcode scanner,you need to ensure that your smartphone does not alreadyhave a reader. This is because most smartphones today come with QR code readers readily installed.

Once you are sure that your smartphone does not have a reader, you can easily download one from your smartphones app store.

When choosing a QR barcode reader, there are a few aspects you need to consider. They include:

  • Efficiency – the barcode scanner should be able to scan codes fast and efficiently.
  • Reliability – the code should be able to scan different types of barcodes.
  • Ease of use – the code should be easy to use even to a person with no experience with barcode scanners.

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